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Tomato in Archlinux by shadowsocks


Install shadowsocks

yaourt -S python-pip
pip install shadowsocks

Run shadowsocks

sslocal -c .ss.conf.json

Proxy setting

Install genpac & generate pac file

sudo pip install genpac
genpac --format=pac --pac-proxy="SOCKS5" --output=~/.ss.d/.ss.pac 

Config proxy

Choose system proxy url by desktop setting gui. Such as:file:///home/usrname/.ss.d/.ss.pac.

Run as service

First,mv .ss.conf.json to /etc/shadowsocks. Second,run systemctl start Option:if you want to start shadowsocks service when start up ,you can just run systemctl enable

System or browser setting


Setting in setting –> network –> network proxy –> automatic –> file:///home/usrname/.ss.d/.ss.pac.


Setting in preference –> network proxy –> automatic proxy configuration url –> file:///home/usrname/.ss.d/.ss.pac.

Tips:more about shadowsocks.