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The vim usage


Usage of window

key&cmd function
:e <path/file> to open directory or file.
<C-w> to switch window.

Usage of move

key&cmd function
:30 to jump to 30th raw.
<G> to jump to final raw.
<0> to jump to head of current line
<$> to jump to tail of current line
<S-%> to jump to corresponding bracket.
<S-#> to jump to previous word of cursor pointed.
<S-*> to jump to next word of cursor pointed.

Usage of cmd

key&cmd function
N<cmd> to press num keys to repeat cmd before input cmd.

Search & Replace String

key&cmd function
:/string search the “string”
:s/src/dst/g replace “src” to “dst” in current line
:%s/src/dst/g replace “src” to “dst” in all lines