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Typical workflow of Git-SCM


Typical workflow of Git-SCM


  1. git clone url:clone a repository from url.
  2. git branch [branch-name]:create new branch to modify.
  3. make change.
  4. git status:check file changed by not staged.
  5. git checkout <file>:reset file to last commit.
  6. git diff [file]:check difference of file between staged
  7. git add [file ...]:snapshots the files in preparation for versioning.
  8. git reset [file ...]:unstage the file,but preserve contents.
  9. git commit -m "[description]":records file snapshots permanently in version history.
  10. back to 3.

With remote

based on commit 1. git fetch [bookmark]:download all history from the remote repository bookmark. 2. git merge [bookmark]/[branch]:combines bookmark’s branch into current local branch. 3. git push [alias] [branch]:upload all local branch commits to remote repository.

With upstream(special remote)

based on commit 1. git remote -v:review all remote repositories. 2. git remote add upstream <upstream url>:add upstream repository. 3. git fetch upstream:downloads all history from the upstream. 4. git merge upstream/master:combines upstream to local master.