ShiHai Huang


HangZhou, ZheJiang 132-****-7175

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2019.03 - Present
Cloud c/c++ Engineer
Beyondsoft Corporation — HangZhou,ZheJiang
Maintain the cloud component which manage the access permission of resource
Skill Stack: c/c++, linux, docker, shell, python
  • Maintain the multiple process program based on fastcgi and thread pool,

  • check the exception of component and calling to outside service, fix the

  • bug and cover it by testing case. Check the problem about online cluster

  • and handle the question from user. Add the new feature according to user

  • needs, such as allowing new cloud service, add new API etc. Finally,

  • optimize the program in logic and performance.

2017.07 - 2019.02
Embeded Software Engineer
Synochip Data Security Technology, Co., Ltd. — HangZhou,ZheJiang
Maintain the software of barcode scanner, develop some IoT devices.
Skill Stack: c, chip, linux
  • NB-IoT module based on Hisi Chip, develop the framework based on CoAP and

  • MQTT to access IoT cloud such as OceanConnet and OneNet etc. Write the demo

  • and documents for user.

  • The software of wearable device which help user to manage the goods in

  • warehouse. It pull the task data from server , help user complete tasks and

  • report result to sever.


2013 - 2017
ChongQing JiaoTong University
Electrical Engineering and Automation — ChongQing
  • Well in courses, learn the software developing after school, get two

  • national competition awards

Skill Stack

c/c++, rust, python, shell, basic data structure and algorithm
linux, shell, make/cmake/bazel, gcc/clang, gdb/lldb, perf, valgrind etc.
Experience in software debug and online exception checking
Experience in DevOps, familiar to git work flow and CI/CD tools
Basic english reading and writing, ability to solve problems independently
Good coding style and documents writing.
Familiar to basic server model such as Thread Pool, Reactor etc.
Familiar to TCP/IP, HTTP protocol
Familiar to source of libevent and libuv, networking programming on Linux
Distributed Storage
Familiar to LSM-Tree, Paxos and Raft consistency algorithm
Familiar to design and maintain of distributed system
Familiar to source of Redis and RocksDB



AT-Interpreter , AT command runtime.


mqttor , MQTT client


ccc , C language library